Undergraduate Journal

The Undergraduate Journal on Work, Labor and Social Movements is a project of the Labor Extension Programs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell. The Labor Extension Program is a statewide effort providing training, education and and organizational development assistance to workers, their unions, and other workers’ organizations. The extension programs work in close partnership with the academic labor programs on each campus, enriching and supporting one another through service learning, internships, and connections to unions and community organizations.

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Volume 1, Fall 2018

Table of Contents

Prize Announcements

Labor Studies Academic Offerings at UMass Campuses

Editors’ Introduction

A Look at the Skill-Biased Technological Change Paradigm and Why it Fails to Adequately Explain Labor Market Shifts
Varun Palnati

Separate and Unequal
Elijah Pontes

SEIU Summer: A Photo Diary
Katherine McCormick

Sweet Pea
Folasade Imani Smith

Contradictions of Priority: Unpacking Charles Murray’s “Are Too Many People Going to College?”
Joy O’Halloran

The Proletariat Spectre
Jesse A. Johnson