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The Labor Extension Bulletin is published twice a year. You can download copies of current and past Bulletins from this page.

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Title Type/Name Description
Jan. 2011 Bulletin

Main article: Talking Truth about Taxes

Sept. 2010 Bulletin

Main article: Art and the Labor Movement

Summer 2010 Bulletin

Main article: Public Sector Workers Get a Bum Rap

Jan. 2010 Bulletin

Main article: The Health Care Reform Debate: Positions and Values

Sept. 2009 Bulletin

Main article: Exploring New Strategies of Organizing

May 2009 Bulletin

Main article: Where is the Outrage (about the recession)?

Jan. 2009 Bulletin

Main article: An Interview with Bob Haynes on Confronting Racism

Sept. 2008 Bulletin

Main article: Decoding the 2008 Election

May 2008 Bulletin

Main Article: Using the LEP Workers’ Rights Curriculum

Jan. 2008 Bulletin

Main article: Internet: Friend or Foe?