Community and Culture at UMass Dartmouth Labor Education Center

Workers Arts Center

As working people we have our own culture to celebrate.  

The Labor Education Center has partnered with the Teamsters Local 59 and the Greater SE Massachusetts Labor Council to offer monthly programming as part of the New Bedford Arts and Culture night. 

Every month has a theme that we offer activities around such as live music, union member photography and weaving to help school kids learn about child labor.  Later this year, we'll be introducing the community to union crafted products made in New Bedford. 

Come to participate on the second Thursday of every month from 5-7pm.  Our programming is offered at the Labor Council Hall, 560 Pleasant St., New Bedford.


The Antidote To Bowling Alone

Some of you may remember the book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community by Robert Putnam.  This book discusses how the loss of community institutions has led to alienation and a decline in solidarity.  Here in SE Mass we are working together to build the labor movement  through our bowling league for unions and community organizations.  Our hope to is strengthen relationships and get beyond going to meetings together -and most important to have fun.

The first league night is Sunday, October 13, starting at 5pm.  We will be at the Wonder Bowl, 66 Hathaway Rd. in New Bedford.  

You only need three members of your union or community group to play.  Come for some friendly competition with our first two teams, the Labor Education Center Strikers and the Community Builders of the Community Economic Development Center. 

To participate, contact Kim at