North Shore Labor Council holds annual Education Conference.

Small Group Discussion, NSLC Education Conference
Small Group Discussion, NSLC Education Conference

This year’s conference, Take Back Our Economy, focused on economic inequality and how working people can make changes.  Susan Winning co- led plenary session with UMass Boston colleague Anneta Argyres. 

Workshops included:

  • Labor Builds the Economy which explored how labor and community groups are building the local economy with projects like a worker owned machinist co-operative and New Lynn’s economic development campaigns.
  • In Fighting Privatization union leaders shared stories about pushing back against privatization and improving public services for everyone.
  • Building Young Worker Power brought young workers together to share their experiences in unions and communities.
  • Organizing the Unorganized explored projects outside of traditional union organizing, such as workers centers and fast food worker strikes, which are helping raise wages and working conditions for all.