Summer Week of Justice 2021: Aug. 22-31 a week of Solidarity with the UMass Dartmouth Labor Education Center

Summer Week of Justice
Summer Week of Justice

Find out about ways you can support policy change efforts and careers fighting for justice.  Turn the last week of your summer break into a chance to get more involved in local immigrant rights, racial and economic justice organizing.

To apply by June 10, 2021, go to:

Note: the flyer incorrectly says to apply by June 1. You can apply until June 10.

UMass Dartmouth has a strong commitment to our region and the Labor Education Center has developed trusted long-standing relationships with a local network of organizations.  To promote student engagement over the summer, we are launching this program, connecting students to local community and labor organizing.  The Summer Week of Justice 2021 will assist students to get more involved in regional community improvement, building on your academic studies. The Labor Education Center welcomes students who are interested in connecting to the community around local concerns such as: wage theft, public education, income inequality, worker health and safety, food justice, healthcare, and women's and workplace issues.

Students will participate in projects that use a broad range of skills such as research, interviewing, writing, visual arts, designing memes, editing videos and podcasts, and more. You will meet with mentors to be assigned week-long organizational placements, obtaining skills that will stay with you the rest of your life. By working with community-based organizations and unions, students will experience first-hand strategies based on acting together to contribute to workers’ rights and social justice.

The Summer Week of Justice will include a two day “Labor and the Community” student immersion covering labor history and the modern labor movement.

  • Students will be paired with worker rights advocates and community groups.
  • Develop your leadership skills and deepen your understanding of the dynamics of social movements.
  • Build on your classroom knowledge with field experiences.
  • Receive training in community organizing, social policy, community development, and social movement theory.
  • Obtain professional experience that can help build your career path in social justice.

We welcome students from across disciplines - undergraduate and graduate - who are interested in a wide range of careers such as journalism, social work, economics, education, marketing, non-profit administration, or law. The program provides pathways to learn about social justice centered careers including a variety of roles in labor organizations such as research, communications, and organizing. We encourage students studying in related fields to apply.  Students will gain valuable experience for their resumes. The Labor Education Center will serve as a possible reference and connect students with information about potential future job opportunities.