UMass Dartmouth Labor Educaiton Awards Evening October 28

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List of Awards and Recipients

Arnold M. Dubin Award

Representative Pat Haddad

Representative Pat Haddad has always been a stalwart friend of unions and workers on bread and butter issues and other important social justice issues.

George Ripley Building Trades Award

Deborah Fastino, Coalition for Social Justice

Deb is a visionary leader in fights for social and economic justice. She has also played a key role in leading the Building Pathways South program, committed to gender and racial diversity in the building trades.

Harry Dunham Award

Bob Bower, Massachusetts AFL-CIO

This award honors labor leaders who make a difference in the daily lives of working people Bob has worked tirelessly to advocate for Massachusetts workers to be treated with fairness by the unemployment insurance and workforce development systems.

Dora Bastarache On the Line Group Award
This award services to recognize strong collective action. We will celebrate and honor three important local labor struggles.

  • United Steelworkers 1357
  • New Bedford Federation of Paraprofessionals, AFT 2378
  • Massachusetts Nurses Association at St. Luke's Hospital

Richard Fontera Awards

Unsung Heroes

Countless union workers led the fight for exceptional support in the fight against COVID. We would like to honor the following unions for their contribution:

  • 1199SEIU
  • UFCW 3287
  • Mass Nurses Association
  • Amalgamated Transit Union