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UMass Lowell Labor Education Program celebrates 25 year anniversary

On May 30, the UMass Lowell Labor Education Program celebrated its 25 year history with a gala event at UTEC in Lowell. Hundreds of people showed up to mark the quarter century of the program's existence; to honor the program's founding director, Charley Richardson; and to celebrate current director Susan WInning on the eve of her retirement.

A star-studded cast of labor and local political leaders gave speeches, a video tribute to Charley was shown, a live band provided music, and guests enjoyed food, drink and good company.

See photos here.

Click on the link to see the video "Charley Richardson, ¡Presente! 1953-2013"



New Bulletin available

The Spring 2019 issue of the Labor Extension Bulletin is already available for download from this site. The lead article discusses the #MeToo movement and what it means for the labor movement. The issue also includes a special download on the new Massachusetts Equal Pay Law of 2018. See the "Publications" section.

Women’s Fund Grant funds train-the-trainers on workers rights for immigrant women

In recent years the Labor Education Center has created and maintained a focus on women’s issues.  Springing from this focus is an exciting new venture in which the Labor Education Center will collaborate with the Community Economic Development Center of New Bedford under the terms of a grant from the Women’s Fund of Southeastern Massachusetts. 


The Dubin Center's 43d year
The Dubin Center's 43d year

UMass Dartmouth Dubin Awards Banquet - October 18th

For the 43rd year since its inception, the Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center will have our awards banquet at the Venus de Milo in Swansea, MA.  Mark your calendar! 

Please join us at our annual awards banquet.  It's a great opportunity to meet fellow activists and leaders and to honor our heroes.  This event is attended by 200 union and community participants and is the largest gathering of labor supporters in SE Massachusetts.  We will share an evening in solidarity as we face the challenges ahead together. 

Lowell event to focus on low-wage workers fighting for a better life

Join the UML Labor Education Program and the Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council Sept. 20

“WE ARE ALL FAST-FOOD WORKERS NOW: The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages”

"A NEW GLOBAL LABOR MOVEMENT IS AWAKENING." So writes historian Dr. Annelise Orleck in her most recent book, in which she tells the stories of activists in low-wage fields. From Walmart workers to farmers, from the textile factories of Bangladesh to McDonalds' around the world, workers are coming together to challenge the iniquities of a globalized economy.

The Truth about Privatization

Since the 1980s, state and local governments have been actively engaged in sending public services to the private sector. Proponents of this privatization process argue that the introduction of competitive market pressures to the public sphere will drive prices down, leading to the more efficient provision of public services. While at first glance there may be a certain logic to this theory, thirty years of privatization has proven the reality to be quite different.

Note: This article is from the Spring, 2016 Labor Extension Bulletin. To download the whole Bulletin, click here.


The Labor Education Center (LEC) has recently lead a powerful and creative training for the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) in New Jersey (March 26, 2016). The training was conducted by the new labor educator Camilo Viveiros and the LEC Director Kim Wilson. The LEC team was honored to lead this training along with the help and support of a proud group of ATU leaders.

The ATU International and the NJ Locals are committed to providing training for ATU members. The goal is to build unity, knowledge and strength that will allow us to fight back against the organized efforts/campaigns that are looking to destroy us.

You can see a short video with clips from this interactive workshop here.

Susan Winning and Anneta Argyres lead teacher training
Susan Winning and Anneta Argyres lead teacher training

UMass LEP leads teacher training for WILD

On Saturday, June 4, Anneta Argyres (UMass Boston) and Susan Winning (UMass Lowell) trained the women who are going to teach the advanced leadership class at the Wolmen's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) this summer.

WILD offers 2 levels of leadership training, A and B. Leadership B, the advanced level, changes every year to focus on different aspects of leadership. This way, women can return to WILD and learn new things every time. UMass LEP personnel have always played an important role in writing the curriculum for the workshops, and then training the teachers in the new curriculum.

Susan Winning taught Leadership Skills at Northeast Women's Summer School
Susan Winning taught Leadership Skills at Northeast Women's Summer School

UMass LEP teaches at Northeast Summer School for Union Women

Labor Extension coordinators taught at the recent 39th annual Northeast Summer School for Union Women, which took place at Queens College in late July.   

The theme of this successful program -- attended by over 120 women -- was Our Movement – Our World. Coordinators taught Leadership Skills, Collective Bargaining, and Building an Economy That Works for Us! an adaptation of the AFL-CIO Common Sense Economics curriculum.

See a few photos on our Photos page.


New Lynn Coalition stategy session participants, with Spanish interpreter
New Lynn Coalition stategy session participants, with Spanish interpreter

Strategic Planning session for New Lynn Coalition.

Susan Winning (UML) and Elvis Mendez from Immigrant Worker Center Collaborative facilitated a July session attended by representatives of all the member organization of the New Lynn Coalition.The New Lynn Coalition is a community/labor coalition on the North Shore that works for regional economic development that serves the residents of Lynn and revolves around social and ecological needs and concerns.  Increased civic engagement, and good jobs, where workers’ rights to form unions is seen as central to economic health and democracy and becomes a core principle protected by the local regime.

For more pictures, go to our Photos page.

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